The Terrific Toronto Trivia Book

The Terrific Toronto Trivia Book

Category: Books

Date: Apr 4, 2017

Toronto the Great… maybe, but Toronto the Trivial? Now here is a delightful volume with dozens of stories, anecdotes, opinions, and musings about Canada’s largest city. Great for astounding friends at parties, or for your own surprised amusement. Somewhere in this book you’ll read something which should provoke an ah!… really?… did you know?… or… it can’t be!… The authors carry you through a joyful trip of time from the city’s early years to the present day. It’s enough to make you chuckle at the very thought of Toronto the Good.


Written by: Beverly Fink-Cline & Leigh Cline

Published: 1979

Type: Paperback

Category: History

Language: English