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Date: Feb 9, 2017

A city is stuck by an epidemic of  “white blindness”. The first man to succumb sits in his car, waiting for the light to change. He is taken to an eye doctor, who does not known what to make of the phenomenon – and soon goes blind himself.

The blindness spreads, sparing no one. Authorities confine the blind to a vacant mental hospital secured by armed guards under instructions to shoot anyone trying to escape. Inside, the criminal element among the blind holds the rest captive: food rations are stolen, women are raped. The compound is set ablaze, and the blind escape into what is now a deserted city, strewn with litter and unburied corpses. The air is permeated with a small of mustiness and indefinable putrefaction.

The only eyewitness to this nightmare is the doctor’s wife, who faked blindness in order to join her husband in the camp She guides seven strangers through the barren streets. The bons within this oddly anonymous group – the doctor, the first blind man and his wide, the old man with the black eye patch, the girl with dark glasses, the boy with no mother, and the dog of tears – are as uncanny as the surrounding chaos is harrowing. Told with compassion, humor, and lyricism, Blindness is a stunning exploration of loss and disorientation in the modern world, of a man’s will to survive against all odds.

Written by José Saramago

Published: 2015

Type: Hardcover

Category: Literature

Language: English