A Future to Inherit: The Portuguese Communities of Canada

A Future to Inherit: The Portuguese Communities of Canada

Category: Books

Date: Oct 14, 2016


Written by Grace M. Anderson & David Higgs

Although Portuguese explorers and fishermen were among the first Europeans to visit the eastern shores of this country, immigration from Portugal to Canada has taken place almost entirely since 1952. Hence, as the study shows, the normal difficulties of settlement are compounded by a lack of any well-established community towards which immigrants may turn for aid during the trying period of transition. Yet there is a distinctive Portuguese-Canadian life in its varied aspects – social, educational, religious and folkloric. A group in a state of rapid change, the Portuguese-Canadians are contributing to Canada’s expanding economy as labourers, merchants, small business owners and professionals. They have settled in a large number of communities form Victoria to St. John’s, from Kitimat to Winnipeg, and various reasons for choice of locale are outlines in this study. The book provides the first cohesive survey of the subject and offers of a firm base for further research.

Published: 1976

Type: Hardcover

Language: English

Category: History

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