Tales from the Tenth Island

Tales from the Tenth Island

Category: Books

Date: Mar 28, 2017

Mrs. Joaninha Correia of Pawtucket didn’t even wait until she got to the island. Informed of the boastful lie plastered across the parish newsletter back in Terceira by her neighbour, in which she called her son an engineer and declared that he was the boss of a factory with fifty men under him and subject to his orders, she got her own back by writing to the parish priest and enclosing a few dollars for a mass for departed souls, stating that her husband was now the supreme boss in his job, with more than five hundred people under him. It was the truth, the absolute truth, but anyway, back on the island who was going to guess that her dear Manuel was a gravedigger?

Written by Onésimo T. Almeida

Published: 2000

Type: Paperback

Category: Literature

Language: English