Quincas Borba

Quincas Borba

Category: Books

Date: Feb 9, 2017

A kind of dialogue with Machado Assis’ previous novel, Memórias Póstumas de Bras Cubas, Quincas Borba shares the same characters and situations. In a narrative that mixes both first and third person, this novel tells the story of Rubio, a former teacher who becomes rich when he receives an inheritance from Quincas Borba, a rich philosopher who had lived as a beggar, and takes the responsibility for the philosopher’s dog, also called Quincas Borba. But, Rubio goes insane, loses his fortune and lives all alone (except for Quincas Borba), as a beggar in his native city. Rubio finally dies, followed by the dog three days later. Both deaths are ignored.

Written by Machado de Assis

Published: 2006

Type: Paperback

Category: Literature

Language: Portuguese