Special visit to the Gallery

The Gallery of the Portuguese Pioneers received the visit of the daughter and great-granddaughter of our pioneer Jaime Manuel  Moniz Eleutério, who came to Canada in 1954. Here is the photo to witness this visit, which has made this gallery very proud. These are some of the occasions that show us the importance of preserving […]

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Estereótipos Atribuidos a Portugueses

Vivendo como um imigrante no Canadá ou ser filho de pais Portugueses, vemos e retratamos estereótipos associados a Luso-Canadianos. O seguinte são alguns estereótipos frequentemente associados com os Portugueses: Que nós só comemos papo secos, queijadas de nata, rissóis, bacalhau e caldo verde com cerveja ou vinho tinto. Que os domingos estão reservados para ir a missa e […]

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The 1st Portuguese-Canadian U of T Professor

Elvino Silveira Medina de Sousa was born in Graciosa Island in the Azores archipelago, on Decemeber 28, 1956. He immigrated to Canada with his parents in 1970 at 13 years old. An honour student since the beginning, Elvino completed a Bachelor and a Masters Degree at the University of Toronto, and obtained his Ph.D. from […]

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